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Why is Kindermusik rated the Premier Music & Movement program offered worldwide?

"At Kindermusik, we’re passionate about music and its impact on children. We never miss an opportunity to share how active music-making helps children develop everything from balance and coordination to listening skills and literacy. We simply love music!

For more than 35 years, we’ve channeled that passion into figuring out how to provide the very best possible music education programs to children and families. We’re proud to say that since our company’s beginning, we have shared the joy of music with millions of families in over 70 countries around the world.

We are committed to creating the very best early childhood music-and-movement programs in the world. We seek to reach all children, in all cultures and countries, through the universal language and power of music. Today, as science increasingly recognizes and documents the profound benefits of music education, our commitment has never been stronger."

What is available for summer? ​Click here for our summer offerings for Kindermusik, or for Voice!

What year round classes do we offer?  Click here for our class schedule.

Cuddle & Bounce for Zero through One year (non-walkers) with parent or caregiver. Click here to read more.

Sing & Play for One year through Two years (toddlers/walkers) with parent or caregiver. Click here to read more.

Wiggle & Grow for Two years through Three years (young preschoolers) with parent or caregiver. Click here to read more.

Laugh & Learn for Three years through Four years (preschoolers) with parent 0r caregiver part of our class time. Click here to read more.

Move & Groove for Four years through Six years with parent or caregiver part of our class time. Click here to read more.

Family Classes for all ages! Click here to read more.

Voice lessons for eight years through adult. Click here to read more.

Did you know we offer Birthday Parties? Click here to read more.

A NOTE for every parent!

"When is the music coming?" A voice comes from near my waist. "We're making the music!"" I reply, looking around at my group of moving, merrily singing preschoolers. "No," she persists, "I mean the real music, not us."


Welcome to our world! Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton at Neighborhood Academy of Music offers so much for kids and the adults they bring along. In class engage with your child as you play, sing (no talent required!), dance and giggle together. Your child will learn and grow through activities that stimulate brain growth, build motor skill, enhance social-emotional development, and much more. Kindermusik music and movement classes are designed for children from infant through 7 years old. Your child will blossom, as they twirl, serenade, and lead the band!

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Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton