Welcome to our world! Our classes offer so much for kids and the adults they bring along. In Kindermusik class bond with your´╗┐ child as you play, sing (no talent required!), dance and giggle together. Your child will learn and grow through activities that stimulate brain growth, build motor skill, enhance social-emotional development, and much more. Kindermusik music and movement classes are designed for children from infant through 7 years old.

Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice Of Clayton

We can teach voice to anyone from age 8 on. We guide each and every student through the basics of breathing technique, vocal placement, and good singing habits.  Presentation and poise are also focused on in preparation for performance.

A Musical Foundation to last a lifetime!

"When is the music coming?" A voice comes from near my waist. "We're making the music!"" I reply, looking around at my group of moving, merrily singing preschoolers. "No," she persists, "I mean the real music, not us." (read more)

Anyone can learn to sing!

   a 'Note' for every parent

Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice of Clayton

Kindermusik of Clayton & Voice Of Clayton Kindermusik Music And Movement Classes