Have some questions? We want to answer them! If you don't find what you're looking for below, give us a ring at
919.359.3473 or email us at

Once I am enrolled…..How do I find or access my materials?
From your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, visit (notice there's no www). Enter your email
address and log in as a new user to set your password. If you already have registered with,
you can use the same email address and password in both places. Once you've set up your account, you'll be
directed to your home page where you'll find your child's unit of materials waiting for you. (Cuddle & Bounce; Sing & Play; Wiggle & Grow: Laugh & Learn: or Move & Groove) Just click the unit icon to start exploring!
Every four weeks of class a new unit will automatically be delivered to your account. The units you already own will remain in
your account forever growing your library of music, activities, and books!

I'm having trouble accessing my materials. What do I do?
If you experience any difficulty logging in or accessing your current unit, please contact us immediately. We are
working directly with our friends at Kindermusik International to make sure you have a hassle-free experience. We
appreciate knowing about any trouble you encounter as soon as possible so we can troubleshoot and uncover the
solution quickly.

How do I get the music for the class?
The music for your child's class is available in the orange-colored Download Center on the unit homepage for your
child's curriculum. Simply click to download the music to your computer and then burn a CD, import to iTunes, or save
and listen in whichever way you prefer to organize your music! Or from your smart device login online and click on the Kindermusik audio player in the unit you want listen to. It's that easy!

Our family has rules about screen time. How can we use these materials?
These digital materials are 80% for the parent. Please look through by yourself and decide how you want to use the available screen activities with your child. You might choose to use them only as a guide for activities you do together or you may pick and choose to use the screen activities sporadically and download the printable activities for in between. Kindermusik International knows and respects that each family gets to decide what's best for them when it comes to this issue.

In creating this digital resource, Kindermusik has read about and researched this topic thoroughly. We have aligned our stance with that of the highly respected NAEYC and the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning, recognizing that children can benefit from a responsible and age -appropriate use of technology in combination with hands-on experiences and in partnership with an actively involved caregiver. We are proud to bring these high-quality materials to your family which truly embody the very best of both worlds - a responsible introduction to technology AND lots of hands-on, movement-rich, in-your-lap, down-on-the-floor learning. These materials are designed for you and your child to use cooperatively, engaging with one another as you read, watch, discuss, and discover. Most of the videos are less than 2 minutes in length. The book can be used as an e-book or can be printed from the Download Center and enjoyed traditionally. Alternatively a hardcopy of the book and/or an instrument will be made available to you at a very reasonable cost plus tax, and no shipping right on your home materials page. Activities can be printed from the Download Center and enjoyed over and over again. Parents can read, watch, and learn about the latest research in early childhood education and their child's development. They are truly a rich and exciting tool that's now available to you anytime and anywhere!

Why do we charge a monthly payment now?
In an effort to make Kindermusik a more affordable experience we have decided to use a best business practice of an equal payment monthly. Incorporated into this business decision is also a benefit to you that allows you to join our studio and have a monthly budgeted amount. Included in this monthly fee is enrollment in the class of your choice plus all extra activities that the studio offers, (i.e. Playdates, family nights, etc.). We promise if you stay enrolled monthly in one year you will have available to you a minimum of 35 classes during the school year, one summer unit of four classes and four Playdates. Anything else scheduled you are also invited to attend FREE of charge.

How does this compare to our old per semester arrangement? plus separate fees for summer and Playdates? You are getting much more for your money! More music, more literature, more fun for your family with the digital home materials and more classes!

I love having an instrument to add to our collection at home and our library of books is important to us.
Kindermusik International has provided a link to special pricing on hard copies of the stories and/or a special instrument for each unit. And soon you will also be able to purchase an inexpensive CD of the music for you car if you need it; All without shipping!

But my child is enrolled in Young Child. When do I get Digital Home Materials? The music is downloadable but the Digital Home Materials are currently not available for these classes. Your child needs the instruments and hands on experience that these physical home materials provide in preparation for private lessons. And if and when we make a change you will be the first to know!